The Church of St Petrock from the East

View from East_2

With the outside renovation work mainly completed, plans are being made to restore the interior.When fully restored the bells of St Petrock will ring out again and the Church will be back to its full glory.

How to support my local church for the future

How to fundraise for a treasured Church can be daunting.

There are many good causes that people are asked to support, and, often, the Church can miss out.

Have fun, click on the gift image below, and, if you find something you would like to buy, it will help Petton Church to remain an historic traditional place of worship, for many years to come.

Do feel free to explore the Amazon website for almost anything you can think of!

Kind auction lot sponsors

Thankyou to all the generous sponsors for our Great Auction on Sunday 22nd May 2016 (following the Spring Luncheon at the Riverside Hall, Bampton, Devon).



from St Petrock’s Church, Petton, PCC.



Picture from 2014 exterior repairs, but not such good news for the much-needed internal redecoration and repairs.


Mon 6th July 2015..just heard that Viridor are unable to assist with redecoration inside the Church building. This is a setback, given that the cost of redecorating and repair inside the Church is quite a significant amount.