The story of repairs

January 16th 2018 update.

Both of Petton Church Bells are in full working order. The latest recording, on 14th January 2018, of our magnificent bells, click here

Then, click to play the video.

Autumn 2017 News;

Repairs undertaken as follows –

1. Renewal of bell-ropes;

Contractor; Nicholson Engineering Ltd.

Stainless steel ropes and fittings. This ‘umbrella’ reduces the drips of water that run down the upper part of the wire rope attached to the bell lever.

petton church bell

Photos Mr Dave Parkman. (taken looking westwards)

The bells are in good condition.

2. Seal west rose window, lime plaster ceiling to repair, washdown and limewash west elevation internal surface top to bottom.

Contractor; Mr Dave Parkman.

Scaffolding was already in place to reach the bell-rope fitments, so it made sense to extend the scaffolding, internally, to reach the internal ceiling that needed some lime plaster  repairs, and also to wash/limewash down to finish, all in one go. The west window could be reached, on the outside, for sealing against ingress of water. This has stopped the ingress of water, through the stained glass sections lead sealing, which was very porous. Mr Parkman also tidied and washed up after the other contractors had finished. So, now, the west elevation of the building is in good shape, and is watertight, as far as we can tell.

3. Scaffolding;

Contractor; Rapid Hire (South West) Ltd.

4. Grant funding;

Mr David Simper has obtained some grant funding towards the cost of the bell restoration works.

  • £350 from The Devon Church Bell Restoration Fund.
  • £125 from The Sharpe Trustees.

A sincere thank-you, to both bodies, from Petton Church PCC. The repairs you have helped to fund will last for many years and bring much pleasure.


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(Here follows previous work from 2015-16)

Church retoration

Over the past  year, the Church has undergone major repairs to the roof and stonework under the guidance of Mr David Simper, who obtained a significant grant from Viridor Waste (via the Community Landfill Scheme).

Other generous donors, both public and private, have contributed along the way.

Now the building is weather-proof, we can now begin the process of repairing the internal plaster-work and decorating.

Originally finished in lime plaster and limewash, the internal walls now need some foundation plaster, followed by the limewash of several coats with drying in between.

As always, we are asking old friends of the Church, whom have moved out of the area, to consider a small donation to the fabric fund, please.

If we can restore the interior, then the Church becomes a very attractive wedding and other event venue once more, thereby raising regular ongoing revenue for the day to day expenses, such as Parish Share, insurance and heating.